Upper School Sees Great Turnout at Science Olympiad Competition

This past Saturday, the MICDS Upper School Science Olympiad Club competed in the Science Olympiad Regional Competition virtually from the MICDS campus. MICDS fielded two teams to take part in the national science competition, which normally looks a lot different.

“Students took the competition changes in stride as they adjusted to what is typically an in-person, hands-on competition,” said Upper School Science Teacher Kelly Anderson.

This year’s virtual competition involved online tests covering various scientific disciplines including biology, chemistry, earth science, physics, and engineering.

“I was grateful that everyone put in the extra work to do their best,” said Ellie Gira ’22, co-head of the Science Olympiad Club. “While I know everyone missed having a large event with all the schools, we still had a great time together.”

Although the two teams did not qualify for the state competition, individual partner teams placed in the top 5 in several categories. See the results below!

Astronomy  – Sophie Fendler ’22 and Sonia Bhayani ’22 (3rd place)
Designer GenesAmy Li ’21 and Shudi Wang ’21 (4th place)
Experimental Design  – Sasha Shanker ’22, Ellie Gira ’22, and Ittmum Zahir ’22 (5th place)
ForensicsPenny Chen ’23 and Lakshmi Madala ’24 (2nd place)

Full list of 2021 MICDS Science Olympiad Participants:

Sonia Bhayani ’22
Aishani Chakraborty ’22
Henry Coen ’21
Sophie Fendler ’22
Ellie Gira ’22
Amy Li ’21
Evelyn Lui ’23
Simrin Phatak ’21
Fiona Richards ’21
Sasha Shanker ’22
Shudi Wang ’21
Kate Yuan ’22
Jack Xie ’22
Ittmum Zahir ’22
Nikitha Ada ’23
Penny Chen ’23
Nicole Dai ’23
Kareena Kanumury ’23
Diane Li ’24
Lakshmi Madala ’24
Shyam Mariappan ’24
Happy Phatak ’23
Nithya Reddy ’23
Layan Salman ’22
Rebecca Sennaraj ’24
Haylii Sondrol ’21
Sanchi Vishwakarma ’23