Upper Schoolers showcase their science research projects

Upper School Students Showcase Science Research Projects

This week Upper School students presented independent research projects at the 4th Annual Science Research Symposium. The symposium continues to be an event that showcases the successes of students and the MICDS science program.

A few highlights include:

Sophie Paul and Dr. Jeff Gaw conducted a theoretical chemistry independent study where she simulated the chemical behavior of hydrocarbons in interstellar medium (space).

Michael Gira (the only junior at the symposium) designed an app with some of his peers that allows students to collaborate with tutors remotely using an internet-based white board application that displays in real time.

Sruthi Sripada helped develop a cell line that mimics the cell types found in genetically-inherited sarcomas (cancers). Such cell lines can then be used to screen libraries of chemicals for potential drugs for treatment.