Virtual Assembly and Student Elections Results

Even while we are navigating this new path of distance learning, we continue to plan and prepare for next school year. One important part of Upper School life is regular assemblies where students hear from faculty and staff, and each other. Assemblies, like so many other parts of our daily lives, have gone virtual. Students assemble video clips and send them out to their peers on a regular basis, and just like our in-school assemblies, faculty, staff and administrators participate. This week’s virtual assembly includes a video from Scott Small, Head of the Upper School, with a wonderful message for students, and we thought you might enjoy it, too.

Spring is normally when we conduct our student elections for leadership positions, and this year is no different. How we conducted our elections is another story! As usual, students applied to run for office and prepared their speeches. Instead of presenting their remarks at an Upper School assembly, students recorded their messages and submitted them to Ms. Erica Moore, Director of Upper School Student Activities. Ms. Moore shared the speeches with the student body, along with a Google voting form that contained a deadline. The students voted and the results are in! Here are our Upper School student leaders for the 2020-2021 school year:

Student Council Co-Heads: Ava Mandoli ’21 & Luke Rickers ’21

Activities Committee Co-Heads: Lily Dooley ’21 & Lauren Sugavanam ’21

Arts Council Co-Heads: Mimi Brown ’21, Jack Morris ’21 (Performing), Hailey Kim ’22, Kendall Rozen ’21 (Visual)

Athletics Council Co-Heads: Ella Durrill ’21 & Crawford Bundy ’21

Community Service Co-Heads: Ally Kalishman ’21 & Gretel Wurdack ’21

Honor Council Co-Heads: Cal Barton ’21 & Hanna Wurdack ’21

Class of 2021

Class President – Riley Clinton ’21
Honor Council Reps – Joshua Darrish ’21 & Ryan Jasper ’21

Class of 2022

Class President – Andrew Kuznetsov ’22
Honor Council Reps – Yaw Nketia ’22 & Cecily Taylor ’22

Class of 2023

Class President – Mason Boon ’23
Honor Council Reps – Jane Cohen ’23 & Holt Tipton ’23

Congratulations to these students, and we wish you all the best in your leadership of the MICDS Upper School next year!