Vocal & Instrumental Students Shine at District Event

Twenty-seven MICDS vocal and instrumental students participated in the MSHSAA District Solo/Ensemble Festival held on Friday, March 11, 2022, at Parkway Central High School. Students performed one or two pieces before an adjudicator who provided written comments and critique on areas such as intonation, tone quality, articulation, dynamics, and musical interpretation/style.

Each performer was assigned an overall rating of: Exemplary, Outstanding, Satisfactory, Developing, or Ineffective.  Students earning an Exemplary rating are eligible to perform at the MSHSAA State Music Festival on Saturday, April 30, 2022, at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Exemplary Ratings:

  • Grayson Marks ’23, Piano Solo
  • Lauren Douglas ’22, Vocal Solo
  • Nina Hamilton ’22, Flute Solo
  • Alizeh Jawaid ’23, Vocal Solo
  • Hannah Morey ’23, Marimba Solo
Pictured are the students who earned an Exemplary rating, making them eligible to perform at the MSHSAA State Music Festival. L-R: Lauren Douglas ’22, Nina Hamilton ’22, Alizeh Jawaid ’23, Hannah Morey ’23, and Grayson Marks ’23.

Outstanding Ratings:

  • Sebastian Ashman ’22, Vocal Solo
  • Ava Janes ’23, Violin Solo
  • Elliot Concannon ’24, Timpani Solo
  • Aniket Joshi ’25, Piano Solo
  • Emma Shao ’23, Violin Solo
  • Ittmum Zahir ’22, Vocal Solo
  • Flute Trio: Benjamin Su ’24, Diane Li ’24, Maya Ashley-Martin ’24
  • Saxophone Trio: Sanjana Gandhi ’25, Ellise Reardon ’25, Camden Sinclair Miller ’24
  • String Duet: Janet He ’24, Emma Shao ’23
  • String Trio:  Spencer Ma ’22, Selina Balci ’22, Ava Janes ’32

Satisfactory Ratings

  • Chloe Cheng ’23, Clarinet Solo
  • Nora Wright ’25, Snare Drum Solo
  • Saxophone Trio: Carter White ’24, Azael Mayer ’24, Jackson Vetter ’25

The MICDS vocal music students are under the direction of Dana Self. Instrumental music students are under the direction of Becky Long and Joshua Baumgartner. Strings students are under the direction of Nicole Kovaluk and Erin Hamill. The students were accompanied by Dr. Nick Bideler, Sharla Anderson, and Marta Edler.

Congratulations to these talented students!