Middle and Upper School Band Perform Winter Concert

Last week, the Middle and Upper School band performed their annual Winter Concert, led by Band Director Becky Long and Assistant Band Director Josh Baumgartner. The concert represented the culmination of all the work and practice the students had put in during their first trimester.

“Mr. Baumgartner and I are so proud of the student’s progress this year,” said Becky Long.  “We were thrilled to watch our Middle and Upper School students build community between the concerts.”

The concerts had a large showing, nearly filling up Orthwein Theater. One parent had nothing but rave reviews for the performance.

“The bands sounded terrific, and Orthwein was noticeably full of satisfied and engaged concert-goers,” said Lisa Gil Diaz, a self-proclaimed “band geek” parent. “Parents raved about Becky Long’s brilliance as a teacher, her terrific organizational skills and her kind and nurturing heart. We’re all excited about where the program is headed with Becky at the helm.”

The concert was followed by a pizza dinner for all band students.

To see the concert programs, click below.

6th and 7th Grade Winter Concert Program

8th & Upper School Winter Concert Program