A Fabulous First Strings Concert

On Wednesday, December 19, the MICDS strings program held its very first concert. Including all three divisions of Lower, Middle and Upper School, strings musicians performed pieces featuring winter holiday and classical music. View the program here.

While reflecting about the concert, one parent shared, “I’ve seen it all with regards to beginning string programs for over 10 years. I’m impressed with the beginning strings coming together for their first recital like they did.“

A big shout-out to Middle School Strings Instructor Andrew Israel, Upper School Strings Instructors Erin Hamill and David Doherty, as well as the strings students listed below for being part of this exciting new program! What a beautiful first Winter Strings Concert!

Upper School Strings Members:

  • Nigina Aripova ’22
  • Leila Awasthi ’20
  • Asha Dundoo ’20
  • Jared Fang ’22
  • Sarah Kreisel ’22
  • Lucy Zhao ’20

Middle School Advanced String Quartet:

  • Jason Klutho ’23
  • Emma Shao ’23
  • Logan Donnelly ’23

Middle School Intermediate String Ensemble:

  • Adithi Srinivasan ’25
  • Natalie Benoist ’25
  • Saivi Gadi ’25
  • Yash Malhotra ’25
  • Safiya Siddiqui ’24
  • Jason Klutho ’23
  • Emma Shao ’23
  • Logan Donnelly ’23

Lower and Middle School Beginning String Ensemble:

  • Daniel Haas ’27
  • Isha Ahuja ’27
  • Teddy Miller ’27
  • Felipe Ferreira ’27
  • Isaac George ’27
  • Robert Rose ’27
  • Angela Chen ’26
  • Grace Villagomez ’26
  • Diane Li ’25

As Mr. Israel expressed after witnessing the other strings ensembles and Lower School winter program today, „I now see where MICDS sticks out beyond any other competition out there: we mean it when we say we have a solid music education ranging from JK-12. For that reason, the sky’s the limit!“ We can’t wait to continue watching the strings program reach for the stars!