Josh Levinson ‘16 and Arjun Dundoo ‘14 speak to the Student investment group

Young Alums Talk Investment Strategies with Student Investment Group

Josh Levinson ‘16 and Arjun Dundoo ‘14 recently paid a visit to the Upper School Investment Group, MIG. Arjun and Josh shared their investment knowledge and how invaluable the real-world experience they gained as members of the MICDS investment groups has been since graduation from MICDS.

“This group sets you apart for college interviews, internships and job interviews,” said Arjun, a senior at USC. “The experience you get here extends way beyond investment knowledge.”

Josh, a sophomore majoring in economics at Wash U, echoed Arjun’s opinion of the group, telling students that the real-world experience you get in this group is unmatched.

“Josh and Arjun were both key members of the MIG while they were students here at MICDS,” said the Leanne Rohr, the club’s advisor. “They made a huge impact on the current MIG members by coming back and discussing the positive impact our group had on their academic growth. I am delighted by the ways our current members embraced this information and know it will have a positive impact on their future.”