Living and Learning Globally

MICDS strives to inspire global citizenry and leadership through thoughtful collaboration with local, regional and international partners to prepare the MICDS community for the challenges and opportunities that it faces in the 21st century and beyond.

The Office of Global Learning at MICDS provides learning experiences for students that make them better aware of their own presence and the presence of others in the global community. Training confident school ambassadors who are able to speak world languages, work with people of diverse cultures, conduct international research, think creatively, and problem solve while adapting to foreign surroundings, ensures that we create a solid foundation for global awareness for generations of learners at MICDS.

Our program provides an atmosphere that cultivates curiosity, leadership and mutual respect and solidarity for all people through academics, community engagement, global service projects and student exchange programs.  Building interpersonal relationships and creating mutual understanding around the world is achieved by partnering with like-minded institutions in the pursuit of learning and service to enhance the educational experience.