Global Online Academy (GOA) is a nonprofit, global partnership of leading independent schools bringing intellectually rigorous programs and excellent teaching – the hallmark of our member schools – online.

MICDS is the first (and only) St. Louis area school accepted into the GOA membership with 28 other leading independent schools across the country and around the world.  Our 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students may elect to register for an online course through Global Online Academy (GOA).  Electing an online course through the GOA allows students to connect with students and teachers from independent schools around the world. GOA classes are similar to MICDS courses in rigor, excellence, and expectations.  Students work on projects, collaborate with classmates, read, research, watch videos, participate in discussions, take quizzes and tests, and use innovative new tools to guide learning.

Global Online Academy is a consortium composed of many of the world’s leading independent schools, offering rigorous online courses and providing 21st century skills students need for success in college and career. GOA elevates academic excellence – the curriculum is developed by and taught by teachers at member schools building on the proven exemplary education these schools have provided for generations. Member schools expand their course offerings and students have a unique opportunity to take classes with students from across the country and around the world, connecting them with new ideas and fostering a truly global experience.

Technology is transforming the way we work, connect, share and learn, and students require new approaches to teaching that both supplement and enrich classroom structures. Our global community is a dynamic learning environment where students, faculty and schools share and learn from one another.

For detailed course descriptions, please visit or contact the Global Online site director, Mr. Scott Herrmann-Keeling.