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Class Notes will be published three times per year as a special section in MICDS Magazine. Class agents and alumni may submit news for all three issues according to the following deadlines:
  • Spring Issue – News deadline is February 15
  • Summer Issue – News deadline is June 15
  • Fall/Winter Issue – News deadline is October 15

Submit Your News
To submit your news, you may do one of the following: 
  • Fill out this Google form
  • Email your news to classnotes@micds.org (In the subject line of your email, please indicate your school and year (i.e. MI 1988).)
  • Email your class agent (Please see the roster below for contact information.)

Submission Guidelines
For complete guidelines, including those related to photo submissions,please download our Class Notes Submission Guidelines.

As you prepare/write your news, please adhere to the following guidelines:
  • Word count: News items should not exceed 80 words per person
  • Referencing alumni: On first reference, name and class year should be in bold type, with an apostrophe and last two numbers of the year for the first reference (ex: Jane Doe '98). On second and subsequent references, name and year should not be in bold.
  • Writing the notes: Provide a concise narrative. Please summarize those points you believe are most important. Submit notes as you wish to see them appear.
  • Weddings and births: Both will be announced after they occur. Please include the date and the location of the happy event.

Last-Minute Additions
If we learn of the death of one of your classmates or their loved ones after receiving your notes, this information and an expression of class condolence will be added by MICDS.

Editorial Disclaimer
All submissions are subject to editing for style, length and appropriateness by MICDS staff as well as proofreading by our editorial board of volunteer alumni.

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