Athletic Teams

Welcome to MICDS Athletics

Our highly regarded athletic program emphasizes the importance of keeping our minds and our bodies healthy and strong. Our School has a long and proud tradition in athletics and recognizes the importance athletics play in nurturing teamwork, self-discipline, perseverance and school spirit. MICDS offers more than 48 interscholastic teams and all students, JK-12, experience a thorough grounding in physical education and participate in athletics. The learning that occurs on the field is as important to the students’ experience as the learning that goes on in the classroom. Nearly 90% of our head coaches are also faculty members, and most head coaches played the sport they coach at the collegiate level. For our student-athletes, winning is just part of the experience. The rest is about the values they’ll carry with them their entire lives: leadership, empowerment, teamwork and most importantly, education. Over the last 10 years, our athletic teams have claimed 26 State Championships in 10 different sports and 72 Final Four appearances in 17 different sports.

Athletic Mission Statement

“Through participation in the athletic program, students will have the opportunity to gain and sustain emotional, intellectual and physical growth and well-being.”

MICDS Athletic Requirement

As part of their curricular obligation, students in grades 9, 10 and 11 are required to participate in two seasons of athletic activity per year. Students in grade 12 are required to participate in one season of athletic activity per year. This yearly requirement can be met in a variety of ways.