The Guiding Principles of the MICDS Athletic Program

The goal of our interscholastic athletics program is to strive for competitive excellence while maintaining the ideals of the School’s mission statement and upholding the MICDS Athletic Covenant: C.H.A.M.P.S.

Our purpose is to support our student-athletes to mold young, eager and impressionable men and women into the next generation of productive leaders in society. We are grounded in our core purpose but how we achieve it varies depending on the unique qualities of the sport and the student-athlete.

Valuable Life Lessons

Participation in our interscholastic athletic program provides unique learning opportunities and is an integral part of the School’s mission. The life lessons taught are valuable and cannot effectively be replicated in the other contexts of day-to-day life within our school community. Great emphasis is placed on the physical fitness and wellness of the students. The goal of striving for a consistent level of competitive excellence is essential.

A Vital Partnership:  Student-Athlete, Teacher-Coach and Parents

The focus is on the student-athlete and the coaches who help them grow. Each program is overseen by head coaches who, as educators, possess passion and expertise in their sport and nurture and foster the important values that will help student-athletes succeed in sports and life. Student-athletes partner with their coach to establish team and individual goals. The student-athlete is empowered and encouraged to advocate for themselves when conflicts arise. Parents entrust their children to the coaches and support their children through the successes and setbacks inherent in athletics. Productive communication between all three parties is vital for a successful partnership.

Specialization and Commitment

MICDS believes in the intellectual, emotional and physical value of the multi-sport experience. Club sport participation is meaningful for those student-athletes with greater aspirations. Membership on the MICDS team is paramount and must be at the forefront of the commitment. Each sport season requires a total commitment which must be honored for the length of the season. Early communication of possible conflicts is necessary.

Student Athletes and the College Process

MICDS values the aspirations of our student-athletes to compete at the collegiate level. Our coaches serve as an important resource in the assessment of an athlete’s ability to compete at the next level. The college counselors support athletes in identifying institutions which fit the educational goals of the student. The student-athlete must lead this process. Communication among the student, coach, college counselor, and parents is fundamental to the success of this endeavor.

The Role of Middle School Athletics

Overseen by program head coaches, Middle School athletics prepare students for involvement in our Upper School athletic program. The goal is to provide a positive experience in a competitive environment, while fostering individual skill and overall program development. Participation for all is encouraged but factors exist which may limit opportunities. Committed membership and participation is expected from the Middle School student athletes.

The Role of Lower School Physical Education and Community Team Sports

The Lower School Physical Education program emphasizes our student’s physical development as well as the growth of responsible personal and social behavior. Team sports in the Lower School are organized and maintained by parents in conjunction with the MICDS Parent Association and are inclusive of all children who wish to participate. The goals are age-appropriate and reflect the principles of the MICDS Athletic Program.

Program Excellence

The athletic department’s evaluative criteria include the emotional, intellectual and physical development of our student-athletes and their success in achieving team goals. MICDS athletic teams, at all levels, strive for competitive excellence and a consistently high level of performance.