Current Board of Trustees

Marie Brauer '64 Tracy Jasper '86
Thurman Brooks  Karen Kalinowski
Frank Childress '79 Maude Kandula
Michelle Cohen '88 Bob Koplar '98
Kevin Coombs '05 Stacey Liekweg
Andy Cowen Ed Macias
Luiz Edmond Kendra Neely-Martin
Fredrik Engelhardt Carla Pace
Barb Feiner Bill Polk '74
Edes Gilbert Lisa Prinster-Messey
Jeff Giles '94 Kent Rapp '76
Jill Gould Maureen Sheehan
Bob Hermann '70 Traci Short 
Janet Horlacher '76 Bert Vescolani

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the School’s governing group, and serves as the guardian of the School’s mission. It is comprised of 28 members, leaders from both the MICDS and the St. Louis community. Eleven members, or approximately 41% of the membership, are alumni of the School.

The primary work of the Board of Trustees is long-term and strategic, including the development and oversight of the Strategic Plan, which ensures the continued success and growth of MICDS.

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  • MICDS Past Board Chairs

    2014-16      Julie Lilly '86
    2012-14      Terry Pflager '80
    2010-12      Stuart Campbell
    2008-10      Spencer Burke '65
    2006-08      Barry L. Babcock
    2004-06         Michael R. Holmes
    2002-04         Stephen C. Jones ‘66
    2000-02         Jack E. Thomas ‘70
    1997-00      Robert L. Virgil
    1995-97         Harry E. Rich
    1993-95         John P. Stupp Jr. ‘68
    1991-93         Victoria Shinkle Charles ‘64
  • Mary Institute Past Board Chairs

    1989-91             Marie Campagna Brauer ‘64
    1986-89             James S. McDonnell III ‘54
    1984-86             Virginia Russell Rowe ‘61
    1983-84             Reuben M. Morriss III ‘54
    1981-83             Donald Danforth Jr. ‘50
    1979-81             Edward J. Schnuck
    1977-79             Stephen H. Loeb ‘49
    1975-77             James L. Johnson Jr. ‘50
    1973-75             Charles E. Claggett ‘27
    1971-73             Thomas R. Remington
    1969-71             Bourne Bean
    1965-69             Laurence E. Mallinckrodt ‘26
    1963-65             George K. Hoblitzelle
    1961-63             William H. Charles ‘31
    1959-61             Daniel Upthegrove Jr. ‘26
    1957-59             K. Myron Hickey
    1955-57             H. Torrey Foster
    1953-55             I. A. Long
    1951-53             Edmund Temple Allen
    1950-51             Herbert N. Jones
    1948-50             Austin P. Leland ‘24
    1947-48             Samuel D. Capen
    1946-47             Grayson Carroll
    1944-46             J. Wesley McAfee
    1941-44             Donald Danforth
    Heads of Washington University Board of Managers and Mary Institute Board of Trustees
    Mary Institute was begun in 1859 as a Department of Washington University. The Corporation of Washington University acted as an advisory board to the School. The heads of the board were:
    1931-41             Malvern Bryan Clopton
    1930-31             Charles Nagel
    1895-1930       Robert S. Brookings
    1887-95             George E. Leighton
    1859-87             William Greenleaf Eliot
    In 1940, the Corporation of Washington University appointed a separate Board of Directors to handle the affairs of Mary Institute.
  • Saint Louis Country Day School Past Board Chairs

    1989-91          John L. Gillis, Jr. ‘57
    1987-89          Richard T. Grote ‘63
    1985-87          John H. Biggs
    1983-85          Lewis B. Shepley ‘57
    1981-83          F. Carl Schumacher Jr. ’61
    1979-81          Charles C. Allen Jr. ‘41
    1977-79          John Peters MacCarthy ‘50
    1975-77          Donald H. Streett ‘52
    1973-75          William B. McMillan Jr. ‘45
    1971-73          Landon Y. Jones ‘34
    1969-71          Thomas R. Collins Jr. ‘38
    1966-69          William R. Orthwein Jr. ‘34
    1964-66          Ethan A.H. Shepley Jr. ‘41
    1962-64          W.L. Hadley Griffin
    1961-62          Eugene F. Williams Jr. ‘41
    1960-61          Kenton R. Cravens
    1958-60          Thomas G. Rutledge
    1955-58          Chapin S. Newhard
    1954-55          James P. Hickok
    1951-54          James S. McDonnell Jr.
    1950-51          Albert W. Wenthe
    1948-50          Donald D. Danforth
    1945-48     Ethan A.H. Shepley
    1918-45          George T. Moore
  • Best Practices

  • Board Goals

    1. Strategic Plan. Working with the administrative team and through Board Committees, support, promote, and implement initiatives envisioned by the School’s Mission and 2015-2022 Strategic Plan. Keep the Mission and the Strategic Plan at the forefront of our deliberations and decisions. Identify and rely upon metrics to evaluate our curricular and extracurricular programs and teaching to ensure that they are superior and in line with our Mission and Strategic Plan. Review annual Strategic Plan implementation priorities. Ongoing

    2. Foster an Inclusive Community. Embrace and foster an inclusive and high performing multicultural School community, centered on a culture of respect, consideration, and integrity where each student and his or her family feels known, connected, and valued. Support the Collaboration and Inclusion Committee as it contributes to the School’s efforts to build a community that prepares students to thrive in an increasingly global and diverse world. Support and promote the School’s efforts to address concerns arising from alternative voices as the School implements positive change. Ongoing

    3. Address Financial Sustainability. Building on the initial efforts of the Financial Sustainability Task Force, explore and evaluate the School’s Ten Year financial model in light of the strategic priorities of the MICDS Strategic Plan.  Assess the sustainability of the principal revenue sources and the efficacy of cost saving opportunities considering a range of scenarios within context of the operating budget. Honor key guiding principles developed thus far which include, but are not limited to, avoiding decisions that compromise the MICDS educational experience, striving for availability, affordability and accessibility of MICDS programmatic opportunities, and safeguarding the endowment. FY 17-18

    4. Monitor New Branding and Marketing Campaign. Continue the review and assessment of the School’s new branding and marketing campaign initiated by the MICDS marketing team and guided by the Marketing and Communications Committee during FY 2016-2017. Monitor its impact on key constituencies including current parents, alumni, and prospective students and their families. FY 17-18

    5. Evaluate Admissions Model. Evaluate the current admissions model and consider potential changes in the context of evolving enrollment trends and applicant pool demographics across the St. Louis metropolitan region. Consider the impact those trends and demographics may have on acceptance yield, financial aid, and other admissions priorities across the grade levels. FY 17-18

    Manage FY17-18 Board of Trustee Initiatives:
    • Act as responsible fiduciaries of the School, accepting responsibility for the financial stability and financial future of MICDS;
    • Encourage all Trustees to serve as ambassadors for the School, particularly in support of the Parent-School Partnership and as advocates of respect, trust, inclusion, and equity across the MICDS community;
    • Provide opportunity for programmatic review and discussion during meetings; and
    • Ensure effective succession planning for Board and School leadership roles.
  • Trustee Role

Current Board of Visitors

Abed Ali '94 Amanda Kahn '00
Melissa Lane Anton '92 Ed Keller '79
Jesse Appleton '97 - Chair Moyenda Mutharika Knapp '87
Justin Aylward '98 Praveen Kosuri '87
Lindsay Carlson Backscheider '00 Matt Krieg '03
Kristin Bresnahan '03 Margot Langsdorf '01
Georgia Cady '76 Dana McBride '71
Becky Cannon Carey '74 Alex McMullin '04
Anthony Chivetta '08 Mark Paskar '92
Victor Cousins '95 Kristin Pate '01
Nancy Curby '84 Max Planck '00
Charlie Dill '82 Curtiss Reed '72
Sheridan Richardson Doherty '90 Andrew Ribaudo '94
Betsy Sims Duff '78 Burton Roberts '90
David Elliott '63 Chris Sagovac '80
Ted Gamble '71 Maggie Littlefield Sahlman '01
John Goltermann '90 Sarah Schoedinger '88
Kina Guyton '91 Tom Singer '60
Ashley McMullin Hanser '92 Tim Smith '65
Alison Hillhouse '95 Willis Wang '83
Ellen Day Hoff '64 Robin Perez Wells '92
Marc Holtz '74 Dana Weston '00
Lanny Jones '62

International Board of Visitors

The MICDS International Board of Visitors was founded in 1998 with Senator Jack Danforth ’54 serving as inaugural Chair. The Board’s purpose is to educate its members about the strengths, advantages and values of the Mission, programs and future plans of MICDS so that they can offer counsel to the Head of School and support the work of the School. The Board is composed of 35 – 45 prominent alumni who live outside the St. Louis region and is currently chaired by Jesse Appleton '97.

The International Board of Visitors tackles a relevant topic at each of their annual meetings, with the goal of providing MICDS leadership with sound advice, counsel, and ideas to help the School continue to grow and improve. Members interact with administrators, faculty, parents and students during their visit, and their recommendations are presented to the MICDS Board of Trustees.

Topics that have been studied by the Board of Visitors include:
  • The MICDS 2009 -2014 Strategic Plan
  • Preparing MICDS students to be compassionate global citizens
  • A comprehensive library/learning center to enhance JK-12ness
  • Diversity
  • Parent partnerships
  • The impact of culture on teaching and learning
  • Learning about the Upper School
  • The Arts
  • Athletics
  • The 2000 – 2005 Strategic Plan
  • Finding a balance with new school/old schools, excellence/community, governance/management
  • Connecting the ethical and the intellectual in the School’s Mission
  • Marketing MICDS
  • The STEM disciplines and curriculum
  • Core competencies of an MICDS student
  • Entrepreneurship
If you would like additional information on the MICDS International Board of Visitors, or if you have questions, please contact Stephanie Cusworth McNally '00 at