MICDS has always been at the forefront of what is best in American education. The founders of both Mary Institute and Country Day sought to provide first our young women and then our young men with the very best academic preparation for university and civic responsibility that St. Louis – and, perhaps, the world – could offer.
Our challenge today is to continue to offer engaging and relevant curriculum in preparation for a future we can hardly imagine. While much can’t be known about what tomorrow will bring, we do know that robust preparation in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines, a strong foundation in the humanities, a full range of artistic and athletic experiences and deep roots in a welcoming community are critical. Our rigorous and relevant curriculum ensures that our students are ready to surmount the challenges that they will face in the future.
"Changing Lives. Changing the World" is not a marketing tool. While audacious, it is also accurate: our curriculum strives to prepare students not only with the knowledge and skills they will need but also with the desire and confidence to make a difference in the world. At MICDS, our teachers demonstrate mastery and passion in their disciplines and an abiding interest in how children learn. Our teachers are passionate about preparing their students to become leaders in problem-solving, framing worthy questions and helping them develop their thinking and present their ideas in compelling ways. They are deeply committed to engaging students in important learning both in and out of the classroom, and whether on the courts, the field or the stage, they are first and foremost and always educators. These men and women have dedicated their professional lives to young people and they see the arts, athletics and activities as yet another learning environment – a natural extension of the classroom, and one in which some of the most important life lessons and life skills are taught, and where lifelong relationships are nurtured.
We extend our sincerest thanks for your interest in MICDS and invite you to visit our campus for a tour or a special event. In so doing, you will have an opportunity to experience, first-hand, how an MICDS education gives students the opportunity to become their very best selves in a wonderful community of students and educators who share this same goal.