Welcome to the Parents Association

The Parent Experience at MICDS

At MICDS, parents play an important part in the life of our School. Parent involvement can be in any of a number of different roles: serving in a leadership role in the Parents Association, acting as a Parent Class Chair, or simply volunteering to support the School's international programs and community service outreach. Parents are active in governance as members of the School’s Board of Trustees or as members of Board committees. All parents are involved as “partners” in their child’s education through the School’s vibrant Parent-School Partnership.

Welcoming Community
Just like the School, the MICDS parent community is welcoming, inviting and diverse. No matter where or when your child enters MICDS, you too will feel part of a community. MICDS parents have opportunities to connect at the advisory and grade levels as well as across grades and divisions. Gatherings include parent/student brown bag lunches, parent parties, luncheons and book clubs. In addition, the MICDS Parents Association hosts a school-wide Parent Welcome Coffee, a Holiday and Spring Luncheon and other events.

Parent/School Partnership
The MICDS Parent/School Partnership recognizes and celebrates the fact that both parents and the School support a child’s growth in unique and important ways. At MICDS, parents and teachers work together for the best interests of the student. As an expert on your child, MICDS recognizes that you can provide us with valuable insight as well as be a strong advocate for your child. It is important that the lines of communication between home and school remain open and information is shared on an ongoing basis.

Parent Involvement
At MICDS, there are abundant opportunities for parents to volunteer. The School encourages parents to assume an active role in their child’s education in order to enhance your family’s experience at MICDS.

Parents are also given access to technology to follow their child’s progress and for added transparency. Teacher blogs, photo sharing, and quick comments sent electronically keep parents apprised of the day-to-day life of the School. The MICDS portal provides online access to resources such as calendars, news and information, and in the Middle and Upper School, student grades. Specialized content for members of the MICDS community is password protected.
"I love that when my daughter walks down the hallway, all the teachers and administrators greet her by name!"

"MICDS offered a unique and personal experience to each of our children. Their special gifts and talents were acknowledged and their individual passions were fostered."

Parent Education

The MICDS experience includes continuing education for parents as well. Our Parent Network hosts a variety of informational and instructional programs throughout the year.

Who We Are

The Parent Education Network is part of the Parents’ Association of MICDS. The network is comprised of parent volunteers from the Lower, Middle and Upper Schools, as well as Student Services representatives (e.g. Counselors, Learning Specialists) from each school.

What We Do

The mission of this network is to organize interactive forums to highlight, learn about, and discuss current and common parenting issues. Many of these forums are led by nationally-acclaimed authors of parenting and child development books. The network works closely with MICDS’ administration, educators, counselors and learning specialists in order to be consistent with the academic and social development curriculum of the school.