Preparing MICDS Students for the Next Step in Their Educational Journey

The MICDS College Counseling Office believes that the college search is a wonderful time of exploration and self-discovery for young men and women. Through our unique four-year program, students recognize their strengths, limits and goals--ultimately choosing paths for themselves which meet their personal criteria and will provide a challenging environment for them to flourish in their years after high school.

As college counselors, we are resources for students and parents throughout the entire process, beginning in 9th grade. We value our students as unique individuals and believe in their ability to make informed decisions as they take this critical next step in their educational journey.  It is our philosophy that strong communication between students, parents and college counselors lays at the heart of a meaningful and successful college admission process.

We appreciate that a difficult decision like this can be cause for apprehension among students. We stand ready, as counselors, to lessen anxiety, assist with details and make the college admission process a fulfilling one.

MICDS College Counseling Team

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Four Year Program Overview

GRADE 9: Moving In

  • Grade 9 Parents Night
  • Quadrant Meetings
  • Individual family meetings with college counselor -- Setting the stage for our work together
  • Advisory Visits 

GRADE 10: Moving Along

  • Practice ACT/Practice PSAT (with scoreback sessions)
  • Registration Review
  • Grade 10 Parents Night
  • Quadrant Meetings

GRADE 11: Moving Up

  • Quadrant Meetings
  • PSAT/Practice ACT
  • College Visit Day - Washington University and Saint Louis University (prior to start of school)
  • Financial Aid Night
  • Grade 11 Parents Night                      
  • Student meetings – Testing plan, college search
  • Family meetings - Discuss priorities, ideas, focus of college search, and college list
  • Four School College Fair (open to 10th and 11th graders)                                                                                                                        

Grade 12: Moving Out

(“College Counseling On Demand”)
  • Quadrant meetings
  • College admission representative visits in the fall
  • Individual and Family meetings
  • Applying to college
  • Financial Aid Night/FAFSA Night

The Class of 2017

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