At MICDS, we embrace technology to guide students as they become highly-skilled, responsible digital citizens. From creating multimedia presentations to coding sophisticated programs and manipulating real-world data for analysis, we leverage technology in all grade levels to deepen student learning and provide the tools they need for success after graduation.

Lower School Technology

The Macintosh platform is utilized for students in Junior Kindergarten - Grade 4.

Middle and Upper School Technology

Students in Grades 5-12 are issued a PC, fully equipped with educational software, for use in class and at home.

Differentiating instruction, deepening engagement.

Our faculty is committed to the thoughtful integration of technology into the curriculum to deepen student engagement and inspire a more sophisticated level of critical thinking and analysis. Teachers use a wide array of educational applications and technology tools to provide students immediate access to real-world information and enhance great teaching and learning.


On-campus technological tools

Our classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual systems and interactive whiteboards. The campus is fully wireless with a modern WIFI network allowing both in-classroom and spontaneous use of technology resources.

STEM education for all students.

Students problem-solve in our Makerspace and state-of-the-art STEM facility, which includes an auditorium, hearth room, study commons, labs, a greenhouse, garden, water harvest tanks, classrooms and more.

“The use of technology as part of the curriculum has taught my child to use many learning resources that are above and beyond the traditional teaching methods. By using these tools, my child is better prepared for the future.”

MICDS Parent