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Your child's path is wide open, with endless opportunities to uncover a talent, begin lifelong friendships, and find joy in learning.

A place where learners thrive.

Art, Music, and World Languages are all part of the curriculum for this senior kindergarten (SK) student.

Student-Centered Environment

Our students are writers, readers, mathematicians, scientists, and world explorers everyday.


The personalities and interests of our students are deeply connected to the learning process. Our curriculum is guided by the opportunity to meet each child where they are, and often, linking problem areas to personal interests helps to spark a love for subjects that challenge.

Students like Nicholas are inspired to express creativity within their studies in their own unique ways.

“If a student takes a particular interest in an aspect of class, we work together to do more research, finding similar artists and testing out their methods, says Sarah Garner, Lower School Visual Arts Teacher. “We dig a little deeper to find things that the students can connect with, and use that as a way to give them the confidence to work through problems at an early age.”

Sometimes we succeed, other times we learn; each is a step along the path to finding our true talents and passions.

Our student-centered curriculum is based on a combination of best practices, developmentally appropriate expectations, and our own experience in sparking a love of learning and exploration in our students. We build our curriculum around a core of language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies with Spanish, art, and physical education classes along with additional enrichment classes. There are boundless opportunities to build friendships, understanding, and community.

Lasting friendships flourish.

First graders help each other prepare for school to start.

We find our strength in diversity.

The MICDS International Expo is a biennial celebration of the many cultures that our students represent. Students taste the food and learn the traditions, dances, and geography of the many cultures that make up MICDS.

Strong Mentorship

"Teachers instill in you a sense of curiosity, and then they give you the means to answer the questions that you're asking."

Lindsey Herzog '07

"I walked away from MICDS with a true love for the teachers. Their willingness to go above and beyond for their students, the sense of collaboration, and the feeling that I was heard and paid attention to made a huge impact on who I have become today. They have an innate ability to know what you need and when you need it. I never felt unprepared for the next year, for the next class, for the next test. They did everything they could to get you up to the high expectations that MICDS has for you. From day one, I felt like this was where I needed to be."

Lindsey Herzog ’07

World-Class Faculty

Our teachers excel beyond the classroom.

  • 57/43: Percentage of female and male teachers, respectively
  • 154 total faculty and instructional support
  • 72% hold advanced degrees
  • 10: average years of tenure at MICDS

Each day, a new adventure

JK students investigate an insect during recess.

Thematic Studies

Into the Forest: A Day of Exploration at Beasley

“Who has ever been camping before?” Mrs. Wallace asks her Junior Kindergarten class. As hands raise, the week’s thematic study has officially begun–this time, the focus is on habitats. As children choose where they want to start their day, Mrs. Wallace focuses on an element of the forest to target the day’s approach. “What do we know about owls?” she asks.

Children are encouraged to move about the room freely and explore various elements of the theme. With open exploration in mind, children continue their lesson outdoors. Exploration walks lead to discussions about insects, streams, and plants—a first-hand interaction with the habitats surrounding them. “We believe that our youngest students learn through doing and playing,” says Mrs. Wallace.

When our JK students move on to Senior Kindergarten (SK), they build on this foundation by exploring how they fit into their community and world. In later grades, each student brings their unique, inquisitive perspectives to topics like world history, geography, and government through our project-based studies.

At MICDS, the instinct to discover becomes the foundation for success in any and every endeavor and spurs our students to challenge themselves and the world around them. See examples of how we use imagination and play to bring learning to life through themes!

Boundless Curiosity

Explore MICDS' Lower School philosophy firsthand by taking a look inside Mrs. Wallace's JK classroom.

An amazing environment for learning

The Beasley School at MICDS is a warm, caring community of teachers and learners, all working together to become the best version of ourselves through academics, recreation, and our relationships with each other. We’d love for you to visit our campus and see our mission come to life.

Ideas Take Flight

Exploration begins with experimentation, teamwork, lessons in perseverance—and flying.

Your child's experience at MICDS sets the tone for a future of learning.