Essential, and Expected

When children come to Beasley, the educational opportunities abound. The resources and connections of a larger school support the welcoming environment of our nurturing classrooms. Even our youngest students have access to maker spaces and a world-class aquatics center, theaters and playing fields. They are guided by teachers who understand children from their earliest learning experiences through their preparation for college and life beyond. From the very beginning, students are given leadership opportunities within their class and, if needed, appropriate academic challenges through cross-grade experiences. Once students reach 4th grade, they participate in capstone projects that further develop their leadership skills and help prepare them for the transition to Middle School. That transition is carefully guided, the result of a natural, sequential and seamless program designed to position students for success. All these are essential parts of a school that welcomes children as young as 4 and as old as 18.

Beyond Expectations

What’s harder to see from the outside, though, is the strength of our community spirit. Children at Beasley join in the fun of Homecoming Spirit Week, learn about helping others during the school-wide Turkey Train food donation campaign and celebrate Ram Spirit at all-school assemblies. They have the incredible opportunity to see their own future through their interactions with older students within an environment that nourishes them as they learn about their world and themselves. Middle and Upper School students connect with each other and with Beasley friends through academic work, coaching and in social-emotional skill-building exercises. 

For instance, AP® Psychology students in the Upper School collaborate with Lower Schoolers in a cross-divisional project that focuses on childhood development. The Upper Schoolers study cognitive, physical and social development through peer-to-peer and parent interactions. They extended their observations to Lower Schoolers by visiting JK, 1st, 3rd and 4th grades during different classes and collect data that correlate with childhood development concepts. In turn, the Beasley students use the opportunity to give the Upper Schoolers insight on what they’ve been working on in class—literacy and reading, social studies and even cup stacking during P.E. The older students also visited with 3rd grade classmates to learn how we use mindfulness at Beasley and AP® Physics students work with JK Science classes. 

A wonderful MICDS tradition is when our graduating seniors walk through the Upper, Middle and Lower Schools during their last week, sharing high-fives with their cheering, younger classmates. These interactions lead to a natural community and important mentoring as experienced students play with, perform for and even teach younger students.


A Whole Child(hood) Program

As our students grow, they welcome new friends and experience expanded social, academic and extracurricular opportunities while working with adults who genuinely know them, care for them and support them from Junior Kindergarten through 12th grade. Our JK-12 Department Chairs carefully craft curricula that introduce ideas, processes and content at intentional times, providing a foundation for growing sophistication and deep ownership of understanding and application in each discipline. There is a thoughtful spiraling of curriculum where common language is introduced early and built upon as students move through the JK-12 program. Horizontal and vertical alignment of curriculum and social-emotional development is evident throughout all 14 years, providing unparalleled continuity and strength of experience.