Hasani Spann ’21 Shares His Thoughts at Curriculum Night

Back in November, we asked two students to share their thoughts about MICDS at our Curriculum Night for prospective families. Here are the remarks of Hasani Spann ’21.

Math has always been a big part of my life. Some of my clearest memories of my younger days include extra times tables, math worksheets, and competitive tournaments. I loved the certainty of math, the fact that there was always an answer to any problem no matter how complex, the challenge of finding it, and the growth that followed.

My elementary school made a conscious effort to facilitate that growth, making sure that I was always challenged, always learning. It was thanks to this effort that I was able to stay engaged and actually enjoy my academic life. They eventually made an accelerated program for the subject and people like me, and it was always one of my favorite parts of the day.

But my elementary school ended at the 5th grade, and with it so did that dedication to challenge and growth in mathematics that I had experienced. As a result, I was left searching for a proper launch point to continue my learning. My early days of middle school were tinted with boredom, filled with lessons I had already learned and “challenges” that really weren’t exactly challenges anymore. I often came home unenthused and unengaged, and my mom saw this. We began searching for another middle school, and MICDS was quick to contact us. They promised that same dedication I had experienced before, and they delivered.

I entered MICDS halfway through 6th grade, taking a freshman year math class. You heard me right, I was studying three years ahead of my grade. There were some gaps in my knowledge, but rather than using these gaps as an excuse to keep me at a lower level, the school helped me to fill them so that I could push further ahead. Ms. Scheer, my old teacher and head of the Math Department, met with me often to do just that. Now, six years later, I’ve exhausted the School’s math curriculum. However, the School still goes beyond to allow me to further my learning. Now I’m working with Ms. Scheer to learn differential equations as an independent study, using courseware from MIT.

The school really has allowed me to explore my interests, and genuinely bred my enthusiasm for the subjects I love, through and beyond that of mathematics. I’ve found a love for physics, computer science, and astronomy all through classes at this school, and teachers who truly love what they do as well. These experiences have helped me narrow down my college aspirations, thoughts to major in astrophysics or aerospace, and given me the ability to pursue them.

This passion and dedication to learning from our staff is seen everywhere, not only where I’ve spoken in my story. I have yet to meet a teacher who wasn’t willing to meet whenever I needed help, or who didn’t check in with us as students regularly to gauge and assist with our development in the class. This goes for humanities, STEM, or otherwise. I’ve also grown exponentially as a writer and in my ability to discuss the world while I’ve been here.

If anything, my experience has taught me this: wherever you are in your development, and no matter where your interests lie, MICDS will meet you where you need to be. If you’re looking to push your education, this school will support your drive 100%. And if you’re in need of help, your teachers won’t hesitate to lend you a hand.