Rams of MICDS Middle School

Middle School is such an important time, developmentally, intellectually, socially, and emotionally. At MICDS, we took a moment to chat with various 5th through 8th graders to catch a glimpse into their perspectives and experiences at our School in this unique time. Below, meet a few highlighted “Humans of MICDS Middle School.” These are just some of the faces from our 5th through 8th grade students who offer a peek into being part of the Rams family.

These students were asked about their transition to MICDS, their favorite teachers, top memories so far, what they’re involved in, and how the school has adapted due to COVID-19. Step into the shoes of our Middle School Rams in the spotlight below and read what they have to share.

Middle School Spotlights

Bruce Elvin ’28 – “
The kids at MICDS are the greatest friends I’ve met. The friends I have made at my school have made such a big impact on me. I know that these are people that I will stay friends with long after school is done.”

Ellemieke Ferguson

Ellemieke Ferguson ’27 – “Middle School can seem scary. New teachers, new buildings, new classrooms, new people, new responsibilities—so much change and change is very scary. When I started Middle School, that was all I thought, worried, and stressed about. But when I met new friends, and started to gain responsibilities, Middle School was so much fun.”

Cameron Cooper

Cameron Cooper ’25

What I Love About MICDS – “The list of things I love about MICDS goes on and on. From the teachers, to the community, and to the culture, I don’t think I’m able to pinpoint the thing I love most. MICDS is an environment that thrives off the success of others. As a student, I’ve been gifted the skills of leadership, teamwork, and humility. Day in and day out, the MICDS community does not fail to go above and beyond the expectation of the previous day. Becoming a Ram is about becoming your best self and transferring that feat onto others as well.”

On Favorite Teachers – “I would consider my 7th grade English teacher, Ms. Dunson, to be more than just a teacher. She was a friend. She was someone I could talk to or could come to for advice at any given time. Her class was the highlight of my day. The environment she creates makes it not even feel like a class. Ms. Dunson makes you want to learn. She makes you excited about English. Ms. Dunson is one of the sweetest, kindest, most understanding people I’ve ever met. She connected with each and every one of her students. I’ve never met a star as bright as Ms. Dunson.”

Cella Held

Cella Held ’28 – “This is my first year at MICDS. I love the food, and I’ve made a lot of new friends even with the COVID-19 restrictions. My favorite teacher is Ms. Williams. She’s unique and entertaining. When I think about her it makes me smile.”

Ellie Chen

Ellie Chen ’26

On Community – “Everyone is very supportive and the School’s ‘Community of Kindness,’ in my opinion, definitely plays a huge part of this.”

On Involvements – “I am involved in the school’s tennis team, strings program, drama rehearsal class, and book club. I also used to be part of a debate club. I love how the school always has something new. Sometimes there is a new program, activity, or even a new class. The curriculum never gets old and I feel there is something for every student’s interest.”

On Favorite Teachers – “I personally really like my strings teachers, Mr. Doherty and Ms. Hamill. They are very hardworking and diligent. They have managed to hold a concert and bring many of the string players together from the seventh grade to the Upper School, and I personally appreciate how they are able to handle everything quickly.”

Charlie Krieger

Charlie Krieger ’27 – “I like that MICDS is a very kind community. My favorite teacher is probably Ms. Williams from 5th grade because she is fun and made learning fun.”

Riley Crawford

Riley Crawford ’26

On Transitioning – “Initially, I was very nervous about the size of the campus. I thought I was going to get lost and it was kind of scary. The Bridge [Orientation] Program helped put that fear away though. Bridge showed me all of the classrooms and made the campus way less intimidating. Also, when we first got on campus, our advisors walked us around the building and helped us really get to know where all of our classes and teachers would be.”

On Community – “At the beginning of the year, I participated in volleyball and now I cheer. It’s really fun and also helps you meet new people. I would definitely encourage you to do activities as it lets you meet people and make friends quickly. Also, I love the community. The MICDS community is so encouraging and welcoming as a new student. It makes you feel like you belong here.”

On COVID-19 Adaptations – “I love the hybrid schedule. I know some schools still haven’t had the opportunity to be on campus and I’m thankful that MICDS has given us that.

Max Thomas

Max Thomas ’25

On Transitioning – “The transition to MICDS was very smooth. After I went through the Bridge Orientation Program, which I recommend, I knew my way around as if I had been here for years.”

Abby Walsh

Abby Walsh ’28 – “One of my favorite MICDS moments has to be when I came to MICDS on the first day of school this year. All the kids that knew each other from other years welcomed me and were so kind to me. To this day, many months later, some of them are my best friends.”

Tommy Goodman

Tommy Goodman ’26

On Transitioning – “My transition to MICDS was great, even with it being so weird this year. It is a really easy place to adapt to. I was just a little nervous to leave my friends at my old school, but it’s super easy to make new friends here, and you have every chance to do so.”

On Involvements – “I am involved in football and robotics, and both are great things to do after school! MICDS is such a big place with so many different opportunities for anyone out there, no matter what you want to do.”

On COVID-19 Adaptations – “MICDS has, in my opinion, the best online school system because it is like you are in the classroom on Zoom! Plus, it’s impossible for me to pick a favorite teacher because all of them are great at doing their job!”

Drew Mills

Drew Mills ’28 – “MICDS has taught me to be a good person.”

CJ Strong

CJ Strong ’25

On Connection – “I was scared about the people at MICDS, but I succeeded at making friends and I continue to grow with them.”

On a Favorite Teacher – “My favorite teacher is Mr. Kay because he always believed I could succeed.”

Caroline Danforth

Caroline Danforth ’25

On Community – “To me, MICDS has always been my second home. It’s not just a place where I receive an education, but a place where I feel comfortable to be myself and take risks. MICDS shows each student that they are capable of becoming whoever they want, and it helps each student excel in whatever interests them. Whether it’s science, English, math, or art, MICDS helps each student reach their potential. The School makes sure that each person feels like they are a part of a community. I know when I go to school each day that I have friends, teachers, and the facilities there to help me become the best person I can be.”

On COVID-19 Adaptations – “This has been a very challenging year for everyone, but MICDS has done an amazing job in allowing each student to meet with their teachers one-on-one. Additionally, they’ve made sure that the whole class is engaged throughout the year. MICDS has provided the technology and support necessary for students to learn in school and at home. They put safety as the number one priority while still making classes engaging for both the virtual and in-person students. MICDS made certain that each student got the help they needed to succeed in each class.”

Thank you to these Rams for shedding some light on their MICDS Middle School experiences!