Willy Carpenter ’24 Welcomes Future Middle School Rams to MICDS

At the recent admission Middle School Accepted Celebration event, Willy Carpenter ’24 spoke to newly-enrolled and newly-accepted Middle School families. He spoke in the bustling McDonnell Athletic Center full of future Rams. Here’s what he had to share.

Good morning, everyone! I hope you are all as excited as I am to be here. My name is Willy Carpenter, and I am the senior class president at MICDS. I want to be among the first to welcome you all to this wonderful institution, so congratulations: the world now waits for you.

I was once told by one of my coaches that I, and the rest of my team, stand on the shoulders of giants that came before us. He was referring to the rich traditions that you will find here at MICDS and those that empower us to succeed and achieve heights we had not foreseen. At MICDS, you will be challenged. Whether it’s in the classroom, on a stage, in an art studio, or playing a sport, at some point in your journey you will struggle. However, because of the traditions you will take part in here, you will find yourself not only overcoming those struggles but becoming stronger and formulating relationships with those around you.

I have been at this school for 14 years come graduation in May—I am a lifer. Throughout my time, I have been exposed to this lifestyle. Accordingly, I have been set up to approach the next chapter of my life well-prepared and eager to join the giants who came before me. Trust me, there really is no other place like MICDS. So when I say ‘the world now waits for you,’ I am saying that you are now on the track to make the world. When you leave here, you will have the tools to create change. So, congratulations, and welcome to MICDS. GO RAMS!