You Might Be an MICDS Lower Schooler If…

The Ronald S. Beasley Lower School at MICDS is a very special place! From Junior Kindergarten through fourth grade, students tap into the magic of learning with wonderfully unique traditions, activities, and special occasions. Learn about a few of the ways to tell you’re an MICDS Lower Schooler!

When someone says “Beasley” to you and your classmates, you all respond as if they’re calling your name.

It’s not uncommon to see a fully-pitched tent when walking by your classroom.

You’ve made your own board game in the Makerspace.


You’ve transformed into a superhero, carpenter, movie director, yogi, and chess master in a matter of seconds following the end of the school day in after-school enrichment programs.


You learned how to swim at school in a pool that can be adjusted for depth and width.

You know that JK refers to Junior Kindergarten, not a joke.


Your favorite week of the year in PE is Skate Week where you bring your helmet and pads and rollerskate in the gym.


When you hear it’s Turkey Train day, you raid your pantry for canned goods to donate to the St. Louis Area Foodbank.

Wild Animals at School

It’s also a great day when the baby chickens hatch and the butterflies emerge from their cocoons!

Public speaking doesn’t phase you since you’ve presented during Morning Meetings, the Me I Am posters project, Landmark Reports, Beasley Broadcasts, Family History Projects, and plays.


You never pass up the opportunity to go sledding on the MICDS campus, during the school day!


For “Reading, Writing, and Running, Too,” you read and show writing to your parents/guardians in the morning, enjoy an outdoor picnic lunch with them, and then head to the MAC for a ninja warrior obstacle course, hula hoops, jumping ropes, and track races!


When it’s the 100th day of school, you grab your robe, white wig, and rollers to dress up as a centenarian!


You can’t believe how big and wise the Middle and Upper Schoolers seem when you work on your Third-Grade States & Regions projects in the Makerspace or learn alongside the older students during Hispanic Heritage month.

You consider yourself a thespian, having acted in the fourth-grade play.

Visits from the Ladue Fire Department, the Mayor of Ladue, artists, and musicians are always exciting parts of your days in Beasley. You never know who you’ll get to learn from next!


You celebrate Homecoming while in elementary school with a Homecoming t-shirt, all-school pep rally, Lower School carnival, food trucks, and even a fun run!


How exciting is it that Lower School is just the beginning of all of the fun that’s in store at MICDS? Learn what key experiences there are to look forward to at MICDS Middle School and Upper School as well. Also, discover just a handful of the traditions that are weaved throughout all of our experiences as Rams.