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Class of 2018 Celebrates Commencement

There was an extra spring in everyone’s step on Sunday as the Class of 2018 celebrated Commencement. Students lined the MAC in their coats and ties and white gowns and proceeded to the front stage, as Head of School Lisa Lyle welcomed and congratulated them. The graduating class also heard from Board Chairman Bill Polk ’74, President of the Alumni Association Tracy Kaye Jasper ’86 and Dean of the Class of 2018 Daniel George. This year’s chosen class speaker was Michael Emami ’18, and Paul Zahller served as the Commencement speaker.

Emami charged his class with these words: “You are being set free to change this world into a beautiful and better place. This country needs you, this country deserves you. You are loving, compassionate, beautiful people who need to boldly go, and fight for what is good and right. Our mission statement has encouraged us to abide by this standard, but now, it is your job to uphold it, and show the world that YOU are a graduate of MICDS!”

Zahller also shared encouraging words when he said, “Graduates of the class of 2018, I urge you to expose yourself to heartbreak. Seek out hunger, pain, poverty, injustice and discrimination. Let compassion become the driving force for your vision. The issues of our world may be complex, but they are not insurmountable. They require men and women whose compassion give them the courage to strap the plow to their shoulders and tirelessly furrow the field by alone if necessary. Use what you have acquired at MICDS, but champion lives of purpose and service because of the compassion in your heart.”

The Class of 2018 is heading off to some incredible colleges and universities! Check out the College Celebration story to learn where they will study next year.  https://micds.myschoolapp.com/podium/default.aspx?t=204&nid=1178293&sdb=1