2nd Graders present their favorite Saint Louis landmarks

2nd Graders Present on Favorite St. Louis Landmarks

Students in the 2nd grade continued their exploration of the theme of community by studying St. Louis landmarks and why they are important to our city. Students worked in groups to research their favorite landmarks in the area and chose one landmark on which to present. Their task was to create an activity that was creative, informative, and entertaining for someone visiting St. Louis. Collectively, 2nd graders created a tour of St. Louis that included The Zoo, The Muny, The Museum of Transportation, The Magic House, Union Station, The Arch, Danforth Plant Science Center, Busch Stadium and Ted Drewes. To culminate the project, the class went on a surprise field trip to all of the landmarks they studied!

“Project Based Learning allows us to teach the curriculum for which we are responsible, while at the same time giving kids exposure to 21st-century skills like collaboration, communication, delegating, critical thinking, and compromise,” says 2nd grade teacher Kristen Kaiser.