2nd Graders Surprised With Field Trip They Designed

Several weeks ago, building on their theme of community, our 2nd grade students were tasked with researching favorite local landmarks to recommend creative, informative and entertaining activities for kids their age visiting St. Louis. Working in small groups, they studied landmarks around town, learning why they are important to our city. They came together to create the “Ultimate Kids Tour of St. Louis,” which they presented to the Convention and Visitors Commission of Explore St. Louis. Their recommendations included the St. Louis Arch, Busch Stadium, Powell Hall, Forest Park (Science Center and Zoo), Ted Drewes and the Magic House.

What they didn’t realize was that after their presentation, they were going to experience their own tour! Students were surprised with a field trip, traveling via trolley bus to visit the landmarks they had researched and recommended. The field trip was the culmination of one of the 2nd grade Project Based Learning initiatives, which is a teaching method that allows students to gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to a topic.

Looking for something fun to do around town? Ask one of our 2nd graders!