4th Graders show off their inventions at the invention convention

4th Grade Inventions Showcase Imagination and Innovation

Fourth graders celebrated their abilities as creative problem solvers and innovators when they unveiled their inventions this week following weeks of research in science class. “It was fun to expand my imagination and be creative,” said Agatha Curylo ’24, who invented the Crumb Catcher, a glove with a sticky surface to make cleaning easier.

The invention assignment asked 4th graders to interview someone and identify a problem to solve. Next, they followed a four-step process:

  1. Discover phase: who has the problem, finding out about the problem, researching what is already out there. 2. Ideate phase: brainstorm various solutions.
  2. Iterate phase: The build and revise stage.
  3. Evolve phase: Record the feedback from your person you were trying to help. What would you do differently next time.

The resulting inventions addressed an interesting and impressive range of problems, showcasing our students’ creative and critical thinking abilities. Ben Iken ’24 invented the Easy Pick Sponge, to make it easier for people who cannot bend easily to clean surfaces like bathtubs. His creation is made from sanded wood with a sponge top and a long handle. “I learned a lot about different materials and how to work with wood,” he said. “I love building things so this unit was fun for me.”

Other inventive inventions included:

  • The Fun Cleaner, made of Swiffer dusters velcroed to a hoverboard
  • Slip Stoppers, slippers to keep dogs from sliding on hardwood and tile floors
  • Sodarthritis, a device to help people who have arthritis in their hands open canned drinks
  • Brick Buster, a special attachment for a vacuum cleaner that picks up Lego bricks
  • See Through Cereal, a cereal box with a clear back to show how much cereal is left
  • B.B.E.P. (Babies Bath Eye Protector), a soft hat for babies to wear in the bath to keep water out of their eyes and ears

The inventions were on display in the Lower School cafeteria for students and parents to enjoy during spring conferences.