American Mathematics Competition Results

MICDS students in grades 7-12 took the American Mathematics Competition test on February 2.

The top three performers on the AMC 12 (for students in grades 11 and 12) were, in order, Lily Xu ’16, Jake Flom ’17, and Allison Tielking ’16.

The top three performers on the AMC 10 (for students in grade 10 and below) were, in order, Alex Donovan ’18, Benjamin Hollander-Bodie ’20 and Marina Sha ’21.

Alex and Benjamin, by virtue of their excellent performance, qualified to compete in the American Invitational Mathematics Examination on March 3, 2016. Their results will be available soon.

In addition, Lily and Alex both won a Bronze Medal because they were their school’s winner on the test for two years in a row. Will Alex earn the Silver Medal (winner 3 years in a row) next year?

Marina and Benjamin each earned the Young Student Certificate of Achievement for doing well BEFORE they even get to high school!