4th Graders Participate in Day of Caring

The 4th Grade Class of 2021 began a new tradition this week – they participated in the 1st Annual 4th Grade Day of Caring, doing volunteer work in a variety of locations across campus. Their Day of Caring was inspired by the annual United Way Day of Caring involving faculty and staff that occurs at the conclusion of every school year. Fourth Grade Teachers Chris Brennan, Sarah Kiske, Ashley Stanze and Donna Waters felt that giving back to the school community was a meaningful way to commemorate the students’ transition from Beasley to the Middle School.

Faculty and staff across campus signed up to work with the fourth graders, who accomplished the following tasks:

  • Helping younger students edit their work
  • Pulling weeds from the Middle School garden and in front of the Middle School
  • Organizing and leveling books in classroom libraries
  • Organizing cords and wires in the Technology Office
  • Stamping books in the library
  • Cleaning shelves and organizing items in the classrooms
  • Counting and dividing Box Tops for Mrs. Oliver
  • Recycling publications and other items
  • Copying and organizing files

Fourth graders wrote reflections about their experiences. Following is a sampling of their comments:

“I think it feels really good knowing you helped someone. I learned how important helping other people is and I also learned something about myself…I would love to do this again!”

“I felt good about helping. The challenging part of my job was getting weeds out of the ground. I learned that a small plant can have big roots!”

“I learned it is better to help others than just care for yourself.

At the conclusion of the Day of Caring, the fourth grade teaching team sent the following message: “Many thanks to all of you for your support of the first annual 4th Grade Day of Caring. The fourth graders have not been able to stop talking about how much fun they had. They felt useful and important. We appreciate the time you took out of our busy day to mentor, train and supervise them. They will remember this day for a long time to come.”