Appreciating This Month’s Superfood: Legumes

This November, we’re featuring legumes in all of our dining halls. Legumes are plants with seeds that can split into two parts. Some common legume foods include hummus (made with chick peas), peanut butter (yes, peanuts are a legume!), tofu (soybeans), and beans on their own like kidney, navy, white, pinto, and black beans. They are considered a superfood because they contain an array of vitamins and minerals, including iron (a common nutrient deficiency). They’re also a great source of fiber and protein. While canned beans are certainly nutritious, if you’ve never attempted to cook your own beans, you may want to give it a try; it’s worth the taste! In general, ½ cup of dried beans makes 1 ½ cups of cooked beans. Take time this month to experiment with legumes and check out our MICDS MySchoolDining page if you’re looking for some tasty legume-filled recipes!

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