Honor council members lead conferences

Upper School Honor Council Members Lead Conference for Classmates

Members of the Upper School’s Honor Council planned an afternoon conference for their classmates during the afternoon of October 20. Council members designed and led 33 workshops in partnership with faculty members on various topics aimed at helping students manage stress and improve their organizational skills. An additional goal was to help students prepare for the Trimester 1 assessment period. Students chose three sessions to attend during the conference. Session topics included effective ways to collaborate with teachers in all subject areas, smart phone apps for organization, what to do when you miss school, time management, creating effective study schedules, managing long-term projects and more.

Peers teaching peers was especially appealing, according to Honor Council Co-Chair Bridget Condie ’16. “I think it was great to have students teaching students because it made the sessions more personal. Getting advice from peers on something that has made them more successful is great incentive to learn or practice that same skill,” she said.

2015-2016 Honor Council Members
Co-Chairs: Bridget Condie and Madi Cupp-Enyard
Grade 12 Honor Council Reps: Gray Clarkson and Lexi Smith
Grade 11 Honor Council Reps: Rohit Chouhan and Lexi Walsh
Grade 10 Honor Council Reps: J.D. Mikula and Jacqueline Zoeller
Grade 9 Honor Council Reps: Caroline Abel and Katherine Kosup
Faculty Advisor: Tex Tourais