Kids next to large red sculpture at Laumeier Sculpture Park

Art Meets Math on 6th Grade Trip to Laumeier Sculpture Park

On Monday 6th Graders took a field trip to Laumeier Sculpture Park, an open-air museum located in Sunset Hills. Along with admiring the artwork, students were assigned a project that combined Math, Art and English.

The project was called „One Sculpture – Three Stories” and was designed to help students see the sculptures from multiple perspectives.

“The project is also about the creative journey and how that journey is dictated by your perspective,” said middle school math teacher Jody Marberry. “We believe you can have a more enriching, creative journey if you explore multiple perspectives.”
Mathematically, the students worked with measurement, scale and proportional reasoning as they later created scale models of the sculptures from Laumeier. In addition, students worked on a creative writing element that included a fiction story about the sculpture.

The students will share their finished stories with one another next week and reflect on what it felt like to hear their classmates different perspectives on viewing the same sculptures.