Beasley Artists Create Word Wall that Exudes Kindness

If you were to pick one word to draw, color, and post on the wall as a reminder of kindness, which word would you choose? Hope? Smile? Peace? Love? Beasley artists put compassion to paper as they answered that very question in the Art Studio this week.

After reading the book Hey, Wall: A Story of Art and Community written by Susan Verde and illustrated by John Parra, third graders learned how art and artists can impact a community in a positive way. “Even young artists have a voice and a message they can share through their artwork,” said Lower School Visual Arts Teacher Sarah Garner. The students were tasked with creating a graffiti wall with a word of positivity in the hopes of making an impact in the Beasley and larger MICDS community.

With pencils to draw, Sharpies to make bold and strong lines, and crayons to add color, the artists got to work on their pieces for the “Kindness Word Wall.” They had to choose three colors that would blend well together, so either three colors that are neighboring colors on the color wheel (or analogous colors) or a color family (one color three shades of hues—like three shades of blue). The young artists then focused on blending the three colors to create two new colors from the blending.

Soon, the words of art will be on display in the Beasley Halls, bringing joy and warmth to all passers-by. It’ll also remind students of the impact they can make every day.

“Artists have a powerful voice through their artwork. Our third-grade artists are sharing their messages of joy and kindness to spread positivity in our Lower School community,” said Garner. “It is so important for our students to know that they can make an impact in our community through their voices and art, and lead lives of purpose and service.”

Thank you for this special masterpiece, Beasley artists! What joy the Kindness Word Wall will bring to many this fall!