Best Buddies Hold Annual Pajama Jam Party

The Best Buddies Upper School community service group hosted a Pajama Jam party this past weekend for MICDS Best Buddies participants and their peer friends with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Students came in their pajamas and enjoyed snacks, decorated valentines and pillowcases, sang karaoke, watched the movie Coco and danced the night away in Brauer Hall. Best Buddy pairs keep in touch with each other regularly either via text, phone or one-on-one outings, and this event is a great opportunity to get the whole group together.

Director of Global Learning & Upper School Community Service Erin Hamill serves as a faculty sponsor for the club. She said, “Our Best Buddies kids do such a good job organizing and running this event, and our kids and their buddies all know each other so well and have a lot of fun together.”

Best Buddies International forms buddy pairs between individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and those without. For more information on Best Buddies, please see: