Student Report: Investment Club Learns about Cryptocurrency and More

The MICDS Investment Club recently welcomed a guest speaker via Skype, so they could learn more about digital currency. We reached out to them for a report on their meeting.

Student Author: Aanjaneyaa Venkataraman ’20

John Peurifoy is a graduate of MIT, and with some of his friends, he decided to start his own company dealing with cryptocurrency called Floating Point Group. During the presentation, Peruifoy shared a few funny stories he experienced while growing the company and working with investors. One of his investors is a large donor to the MIT Sloan School of Management. Peurifoy also talked about how it is good to dive headfirst into any topic that you think is interesting and go for it, and to surround yourself with people who can help you get there and who have the same drive as you.

John Peurifoy is the co-founder of Floating Point Group. Floating Point Group builds a consolidated API for quantitative hedge funds in the digital asset space focusing on high fidelity data and performant execution. Previously, he worked on building trading systems and constructing quantitative models for equities. Before Floating Point Group, Peurifoy was a Ph. D. candidate at MIT, studying how artificial intelligence could be used to solve physics problems.