Coaching Honors for Jim Lohr and Charlie Mohr

MICDS is pleased to announce that two of its outstanding coaches have recently received awards of distinction.


Jim Lohr, JK-4 P.E. Teacher, has been named Coach of the Year by the Missouri Track and Cross Country Coaches Association. Coach Lohr’s Girls Cross Country team won its 4th straight District Championship this fall, and the Girls Track and Field Team claimed the Missouri State crown in May 2016. Coach Lohr said of the honor, “I am greatly honored to be named Coach of the Year from the Missouri Track and Cross Country Coaches Association. I would like to say that to win this award takes a combination of outstanding assistant coaches and talented, disciplined athletes who are committed to each other. Here at MICDS we are fortunate to have both of those in our program.”

He is beloved by his student-athletes and colleagues alike. Current and former student-athletes offered the following testimonials:

Caroline Niesen ’16: “Jim Lohr knows his stuff. Eavesdrop on one of his phone conversations sometime, whether he’s talking Tokyo prospects with a former Olympian, or spike sizes with a sophomore on his junior varsity cross country team, and you’d know. But as much as he knows about track, he knows more about his kids. His office wall is filled with accolades of his former students. Photos of state-winning teams commingle with newspaper clippings of his mentees in their lives after MICDS: simply because he’s proud of the success they’ve attained in their adult lives, track related or not.”

Lexi Walsh ’17: “There are around 90 kids on the track team each year. Coach Lohr not only knows each and every person’s name, but knows their personal records, talents other than running, life at school and home. He does not just produce good athletes, he molds bright and benevolent people. He is always there, from the finish line of the race to an emotional day at practice. He believes in every kid, whether they are an all-state runner or are celebrating a milestone others may see as insignificant. His knowledge of running, jumping, form, and speed cannot be matched, but even more important is his positive attitude and kind spirit. In my 14 years at MICDS, no one has supported me more through every obstacle of my life, to say thank you could never be enough.”

Savannah Lesslie ’18: “Coach Lohr is one of the funniest, most caring coaches that I’ve ever had. He pushes you to do your best, but knows when to have a laugh or two. He takes the time to get to know each and every athlete and really strives to make us the best that we can be.”

Zuri Thomas ’18: “Coach Lohr is such a great track coach because he always pushes me to be the best I can be. He never wants to see me fail, and he won’t stop working with me until he knows I have reached my full potential. I am so happy to have him as my track coach!”


Charlie Mohr received the national honor of Assistant Coach of the Year for the Midwest Region by the National High School Baseball Coaches Association. This prestigious award is only given to eight people in the United States. It was presented on December 2 in Columbus, OH. Coach Mohr, who is a member of the MICDS maintenance staff, was part of the Rams’ baseball squad that claimed the School’s first-ever state baseball championship in May 2016. He also is the director of the Middle School Ice Hockey Program and an assistant coach for the varsity ice hockey team.

Coach Mohr said of the honor, “As teachers of the game, there is no greater reward than witnessing the success of our players both on and off the field. Our State Championship title was no small feat. To win this award is just the cherry on top of an already incredible season. I’m incessantly grateful to work with such talented baseball players and an outstanding coaching staff who share the same passion for baseball.”

“Coach Mohr was instrumental to our success last season. He was a leader and a winner as a player, and he brings those same qualities to our program as a coach,” said Tim Canavan, MICDS Varsity Head Baseball Coach and Middle School Math teacher. “From his ability to train our position players to his understanding of hitting, our players benefit from his all-around knowledge of the game. I never made any in-game decisions without his input either. The award is well-deserved.”