Reopening Updates

Reopening FAQs & Admissions Info

REOPENING FAQs: We are welcoming MICDS students back to school with distance learning both on campus and from home when the 2020-21 academic year commences, absent any change in government requirements. Please find helpful Health & Safety, School Preparation, and Ram Relief Fund FAQs here: ADMISSIONS: MICDS is no longer accepting new applications for the 2020-2021 school year which begins on August 18, 2020. After that time, we will welcome new applications to all grade levels for the 2021-2022 school year.

Congratulations to Newly-Elected 2019-2020 Student Leaders

MICDS student representatives for 2019-20.










Announcing your 2019-20 Student Government Elected Officers! Please join us in congratulating them!

Student Council Co-Heads: Meredith Goldberg ’20 and Tanay Chandak ’20
Honor Council Co-Heads: Matthew Matava ’20 and Jude Sorkin ’20
Athletics Council Co-Heads: Caroline Carr ’20 and Joe Condie ’20
Activities Committee Co-Heads: Lucy Zhao ’20 and Campbell Graves ’20
Arts Council Co-Heads: Morgan Niven ’20, Maya Pinz ’20, Mimi Brown ’21 and Skyler Lesslie ’20
Community Service Co-Heads: Ally Kalishman ’21 and Nischal Ada ’20

Class Presidents

Class of 2020: Benjamin Hollander-Bodie ’20
Class of 2021: Ava Mandoli ’21
Class of 2022: Andrew Kuznetsov ’22
Class of 2023: Jack Mills ’23

Honor Council Representatives

Class of 2020: Ceci Coen ’20 and Gigi Gotterman ’20
Class of 2021: Cal Barton ’21 and Hanna Wurdack ’21
Class of 2022: Brecken Calcari ’22 and Cecily Taylor ’22
Class of 2023: Holt Tipton ’23 and Henry Yuska ’23

Student Council Representatives

Class of 2020: Megana Alturi ’20, Jimmy Hereford ’20 and Will Sloan ’20
Class of 2021: Ryan Jasper ’21, Erik Kuznetsov ’21 and Luke Rickers ’21
Class of 2022: Shaan Ansari ’22, Olivia Thomas ’22 and Alex Winski ’22
Class of 2023: Rhea Patnana ’23, Skye Patton ’23 and Happy Phatak ’23