Eighth Grade Celebrates Their Final Middle School Year

The Class of 2027 and their families gathered for a festive celebration in the MAC this week to commemorate the final year of Middle School for eighth graders. Students and families enjoyed remarks from Head of School Jay Rainey and Head of Middle School Jen Schuckman.

Amey Parwal ’27, Max Padratzik ’27, and Lilah Pronger ’27, eighth-grade Community Leadership Council (CLC) members, welcomed everyone to the event and introduced Rainey. After his remarks, CLC members Ellemieke Ferguson ’27, Jackson Hunter ’27, and Collin Walker ’27 announced the class gift. This year, the eighth-grade class sold spirit items during Homecoming Week, and the proceeds were presented to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Then, Jude Taher ’27, Serena Doumit ’27, and Carlin DeArmond ’27 shared reflections they had written. (Check the MICDS Blog or the MICDS social channels this summer to read their full remarks.) Krystal White, a beloved Middle School Math Teacher, followed them. Finally, students enjoyed a year-in-review video put together by Middle School Art Teacher Jayme Zimmer, which allowed them to remember the year’s highlights and reflect on all they’ve accomplished.

Schuckman took the podium and shared remarks about the combined beauty and awkwardness of the middle school years and the importance of “shedding” different versions of yourself to become a better version.

Each year, Schuckman surveys the faculty and students to capture the essence of the class and for words of wisdom, advice, and reflection. The responses were heartfelt and heartwarming.

Advice from Faculty

  • Don’t be afraid to outgrow the person you are today.
  • Look out for one another. You’re at your best when you are working together.
  • Surround yourself with people that make you stronger.
  • Do not leave work for others to do.
  • Please capitalize proper nouns.

Class of 2027 Reflections and Gratitude

  • I am proud of the progress our class has made in terms of behavior. We don’t have the best reputation, but we have gotten so much better and more respectful as a full class.
  • One of our greatest strengths is that we are a tight-knit class. Everyone pitches in to help when they can.
  • The greatest strength of our class is that we are able to work well together, and we are open to new ideas.
  • Thank you to all the teachers who have guided us throughout Middle School. Thank you for showing us the ropes and setting us up for a successful Upper School experience. You are appreciated more than you know.
  • Thank you for all the lessons you’ve taught me throughout this journey.
  • Thank you, parents, for always being there to lean on.
  • Parents, thank you for taking the time to help us along the way.

Schuckman closed with, “And so, Class of 2027, outgrow your shells, stay determined, keep working together, persist in all endeavors, and hydrate.”

Jason Roberts, Middle School Choir Teacher, led the eighth-grade choir as they serenaded their classmates and family members with a beautiful rendition of Hallelujah.

Eighth Grade Dean Tim Storey then read each student’s name as they processed out of the MAC, high-fiving teachers as they went and receiving their certificates of completion from Rainey and Schuckman.

Congratulations to the Class of 2027. We are ready to welcome you to the Upper School this fall!