Eighth Graders Write and Perform Monologues

Eighth grade drama students treated their classes to monologues recently! Under the direction of Middle School Drama Teacher Charlotte Dougherty, the students were tasked with writing a monologue about anything…but it had to be from a character’s perspective. Then, they practiced and performed their masterpieces twice.

First, they performed their monologues to receive feedback. They figured out how to make improvements and perfect their craft. Then, they performed a second time for a final performance grade.

Check out just a few of the monologues shared below! Bravo, 8th graders!

Monologue “Tea with Mrs. Rich” by Natalie Benoist ’25

Monologue “My Crazy Day” by Jude Cullen ’25

Monologue by Maggie Cordes ’25 

Upon completing the monologue performances, Natalie shared a little about what she got out of the lesson. “My favorite part of performing as Mrs. Rich was getting to be someone older and more sophisticated than myself for a while. [Through the performance,] I learned that it is best to go all out, have fun, and not care what others think.”

Maggie shared, “My favorite part about performing [the monologue] was getting to be a character that is a different age than myself. It was fun to think about life from an adult perspective. I learned that Covid-19 has affected everyone in different ways.”

Bravo, 8th graders!