4th Grade Inventors Find Solutions to Everyday Problems

Fourth graders showcased their creative problem-solving skills when they unveiled their inventions this week at the annual Invention Convention during Spring Conferences. Here are just a few examples of interesting inventions that solve everyday problems:

  • Squeaky Clean: magnets inside dog toys for a quick pick up via magnetic wand
  • The HAT: a hockey stick and a bat so you can quickly switch sports
  • Grip Washer: a tube you put your golf club in to wash and dry the grip
  • Magnetic Cat Litter: a quick way to pick up after messy cats that get litter all over the floor
  • Portable Bean Bag: a bean bag filled with Orbeez so they can dry out and easily pack in your bean bag chair

Christy Moore, Lower School Science Teacher, supported the students in their pursuit for innovation during weeks of research and testing in science class; however, she says the projects were highly independent. Moore said, “The 4th grade invention unit is great for teaching the engineering process. The students are introduced to the same language – discover, ideate, iterate and evolve – that is used in Middle and Upper School. Students bring in a problem and use the design thinking process to solve that problem with their invention.”

Rylee Day ’28 shared that focus and sustained effort were critical to her success. “In the beginning, we had to think of a problem. It was not easy; we had to make a project in a specific amount of weeks. I had to really focus to get what I wanted done. It’s really easy to get off track – especially when you think you’re done, but you’re really missing the main part of your project. When you really want it though, you work your hardest.”

She also kept her audience in mind when working on her project. “Every parent wants their child to succeed in being a problem solver and having a creative mind. What made my project interesting for me was putting effort into making my project presentable to parents.” Overall, Day shared that she learned how to be creative and bring a project from concept to creation. “I have grown as a scientist and learned the basics of discovery. I thank Mrs. Moore for directing me into being a successful kid scientist!”

Drew Mills ’28 enjoyed the project as well, especially the tangible skills gained. “I learned how to use a saw and hot glue gun. I had to cut a bat and hot glue the hockey stick onto the bat.”

Thank you 4th grade scientists for sharing your creativity and problem-solving skills through interesting inventions!