International Students Visit MICDS

International Students Enjoy Cross-Cultural Exchange

Students from the International Welcome Center of Ritenour Schools visited with Spanish Teacher Mr. Patrick Huewe’s Spanish 350 class and Spanish Teacher Dr. Dorotea Lechkova’s Spanish 200 class in a reciprocal exchange of culture and language. In January, MICDS students visited the IWC. On Friday, February 28, MICDS was able to return the hosting favor when the IWC students joined them for class and lunch.

The students from IWC have been studying English to prepare for their transition to Ritenour High School in August, and both groups were able to share their experiences studying each other’s language, discuss topics from their American History classes, talk about environmental challenges and compare and contrast thoughts about past, current and future job opportunities. Students took turns speaking in Spanish and English during the guided question-and-answer sessions. Then everyone played board games that emphasized language building in Spanish and English.

“MICDS students were able to learn more about the home countries where the IWC students are from originally, which include México, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador,” shared Mr. Huewe.

“It was an exciting day that emphasized the importance of fostering relationships with people of different cultures, languages and backgrounds.”

The Superintendent of Ritenour Schools, Dr. Chris Kilbride, observed a session and is excited to continue building the relationship between our students.