Great Plains Math League Competition Results

Eight MICDS Upper School students competed in the Great Plains Math League Qualifying Round on January 28.

The competition consisted of two team events and two individual events. Following are the results.

Sprint Individual Competition
Prithvi Dhanabal – 1st place, Junior High category

Philip Speegle – 1st place, Grade 12
Andrew Krause – 2nd place, Grade 12
Jake Flom – 3rd place, Grade 12

Benjamin Hollander-Bodie – 3rd place, Grade 9
Arjun Ramakrishnan – 4th place, Grade 9

Target Individual Competition
Philip Speegle – 1st place, Grade 12
Andrew Krause – 3rd place, Grade 12
Jake Flom – 4th place, Grade 12
Lucy Cadanau – 4th place, Grade 11
Benjamin Hollander-Bodie – 2nd place Grade 9
Jialin Chen – 5th place, Grade 9

Relay Team Event
3rd place for MICDS: Andrew Krause, Jake Flom, Philip Speegle

Team Event
5th place for MICDS: (Prithvi Dhanabal, Lucy Cadanau, Benjamin Hollander-Bodie, Philip Speegle, Jake Flom and Andrew Krause)

Overall, MICDS finished 3rd out of nine participating schools. Benjamin Hollander-Bodie was the second best 9th grader; Lucy Cadanau was 6th in the 11th grade; Philip Speegle was 1st in 12th grade; Andrew Krause was 2nd in 12th grade; and Jake Flom was 3rd in 12th grade.