Herbs and Spices: This Month’s Superfood

Flik’s food service always features fresh herbs and spices, but this month we’re taking a closer look at their nutritional benefits. Be sure to stop by our wellness table (located in each dining hall) to learn about the health properties of herbs and spices, as well as some unique recipes you can cook at home. All of this information, including the recipe bundle, can also be found on our school dining site (link below).

Did you know?

  • Spices and herbs are only slightly different. An herb is generally defined as the leaf of a plant when used in cooking, but any other part of the plant, often dried, can be a spice
  • Spices were one of the things Columbus was in search of when he set sail for India and ended up in the Caribbean
  • The use of herbs and spices dates back to early human life when meats were wrapped in leaves
  • Studies suggest that fenugreek may help with blood sugar control
  • Don’t be afraid to season your children’s food. Doing so may increase the likelihood that they will eat their vegetables
  • Ginger may help to relieve morning sickness in pregnant women

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