JK Habitats: What’s a Fish Without a River?

The following story is written by Lower School Science Specialist Laura Pupillo

Our youngest Beasley scientists recently embarked on a study of habitats. Junior kindergarteners explored the meaning of habitat, a place where animals live that includes water, food, and shelter. They discovered that all living things have a habitat, even us! Students enjoyed a campus habitat walk and found many examples, even in the cold months of winter. A class favorite was seeing geese in Polk Pond! In addition, JK students made habitat books after exploring regions around the world and reading many fabulous stories about various habitats.

To end the study, the students became researchers and chose their favorite animals to explore further. The class read books together and built their own 3D habitats, which they shared with classmates in the final learning celebration. Students were excited to learn that although a cougar’s habitat looks very different from a butterfly’s, all living creatures share three things in common: food, water, and shelter.

As our Beasley students progress through the years, they’ll explore habitats of birds in SK, plants in 1st grade, butterflies in 2nd grade, Missouri ecosystems in 3rd grade, and end with stream and river habitats in 4th grade. We can’t wait to see what our youngest scientists build on their experiences in the years to come!