Artist K. Griffith Moore visits the Lower School

K. Griffith Moore Serves as Lower School Visiting Artist

K. Griffith Moore recently served as Beasley’s Visiting Artist, where she held a hands-on demonstrations in three-dimensional paper art design. Moore is an industrial designer and paper engineer with a passion for graphic design. Her art is a combination of whimsy, sustainability and science, and most of her inspiration comes from nature and everyday objects. Moore graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2010 and currently resides in St. Louis where she puts her passion to practice everyday as a designer at Mid America Display. She also manages her own creative empire called Mutant Pulp. From paper toys to pop-ups, Mutant Pulp is dedicated to small run paper products for individuals to interact with.

While here, Moore gave various art presentations throughout the day while providing some inspiration to the students. “Whether or not you understand someone else’s art, you get that it matters to them. That’s what art is supposed to do—connect you to the world, people and other kinds of thinking,” she said.