Student Standouts – Craig `30, Day `28, Smith `24, Brooks `20, Duchars `20, Chalfant `18, Puertes `19, Gil-Diaz `19, Essman `18, Kamat `18

Bryce Craig `30 and his Family Featured in a Local Superbowl Commercial
During the big game this weekend, be sure to keep your eye out for Bryce Craig `30 and his family in the public service announcement / commercial from the NCADA on drug prevention. View the full commercial on Facebook.

Below are local news stories on the commercial:

For more information on this organization’s efforts, visit Talk About It.

Rylee Day `28 Featured on the Cover of a Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri Publication
Second grader Rylee Day, a Girl Scouts Brownie, was recently selected to be on the cover of the Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri (GSEM) Lead & Learn Spring 2018 Adult Course Catalog. This catalog is published twice a year for all GSEM adult leaders and is currently featured on the GSEM homepage. Rylee’s mom Heather Day says, “Sharing this news also helps to tell the story of the many MICDS girls that are learning important life skills through their participation in Girl Scouts.”

Ryan Smith `24 Wins the Middle School Spelling Bee
Congrats to the MICDS Middle School spelling bee winner – 6th grader Ryan Smith.

Jessica Brooks `20 Featured as the “Athlete of the Week” in STL Today
Shout out to sophomore basketball player Jessica Brooks for being named “Athlete of the Week” on STL Today.

Mia Duchars `20 and Lou Chalfant `18 Selected for All-Region Field Hockey Awards
Max Field Hockey announced the West/Midwest All-Region Field hockey teams. Senior Lou Chalfant, senior, was named to the 2017 All-West/Mid-west Region First Team, and sophomore Mia Duchars was named to the All-West/Mid-west Region Second Team. Go Rams!

Sophia Puertes `19 Selected as a 2018 National Honorable Mention recipient of the NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing
Sophia Puertas, was selected as a 2018 National Honorable Mention (NHM) recipient of the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) Award for Aspirations in Computing. Janet Purdy says, “This is a huge honor and we are so proud and inspired by Sophia!” Congrats Sophia!

There were over 3,600 applications nationwide for the 2018 Aspirations Award and the NHMs represent the top 10% of all applicants. More information at

Rafi Gil-Diaz `19 and Izzy Essman `18 Perform at the Annual MMEA Banquet
A big shout-out to Rafi Gil-Diaz ’19 for earning a clarinet spot in the All-State Band and Izzy Essman ’18 for earning a Soprano spot in the All-State Choir! It is one of the highest honors a band or choir student can receive in the state of Missouri. As part of the honor, Rafi and Izzy recently performed at the Missouri Music Educators Association banquet.

Ehan Kamat `18 Wins Two Awards in the KC Metro Area and Greater Missouri Art Region 2018 Scholastic Art Awards
Senior Ehan Kamat was honored with two awards in this competition – a Silver Key award for his “Ceramics & Glass Earth” art project submittal and an Honorable Mention for his “Ceramics and Glass Fluid 2” art project submittal. View the list of the winners out of the 1,743 entries.