MICDS Students Represent at MSHSAA District Solo/Ensemble Festival

Twenty-eight MICDS vocal and instrumental students participated in the MSHSAA District Solo/Ensemble Festival held on Friday, March 2, 2018 at Parkway Central High School. Students performed one or two pieces before an adjudicator who provided written comments and critique on areas such as intonation, tone quality, articulation, dynamics, and interpretation/style.
Each performer was assigned an overall rating of: 1-Exemplary, 2-Outstanding, 3-Satisfactory, 4-Developing, or 5-Ineffective. Students earning a 1 (Exemplary) are eligible to perform at the MSHSAA State Music Festival on Friday, April 27, 2018 at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

1 (Exemplary) Ratings:
Ryan Ahn ’20, Alto Sax Solo
Ryan Ahn ’20, Violin Solo
Jack Cai ’19, Vocal Solo
Izzy Essman ’18, Vocal Solo
Rafi Gil Diaz ’19, Clarinet Solo
Arjun Ramakrishnan ’20, Vocal Solo
Lucy Zhao ’20, Violin Solo
Flute Trio: Lucy Cadanau ’18, Kelci Creath ’19, Binxuan Zhang ‘18
Clarinet Trio: Rafi Gil Diaz ’19, Eric Ji ‘21, Leigh Dennis ‘18

2 (Outstanding) Ratings:
Lucy Cadanau ’18, Flute Solo
Claudia Cheng ’20, Piano Solo
Ceci Cohen ‘20, Oboe Solo
Kelci Creath ’19, Flute Solo
Charles Ivie ’18, French Horn Solo
Eric Ji ‘21, Clarinet Solo
Chris Shannon ’19, Alto Saxophone Solo
Tommaso Maiocco ’20, Tuba Solo
Tista Mandal ’20, Vocal Solo
Hopie Melton ’18, Flute Solo
Alex Migala ‘20, Trumpet Solo
Binxuan Zhang ’18, Flute Solo
Binxuan Zhang ’18, Piano Solo
Saxophone Trio – Ryan Ahn ’20, Christian LeNoir ‘20 , Jonah Zacks ‘21
Trumpet Trio – James Bilderback ’20, Ben Hollander-Bodie ’20, Alex Migala ‘20

3 (Satisfactory) Ratings
James Bilderback ‘20, Trumpet Solo
Helen Jiang ’20, Piano
Lucy Zhao ’20, Flute Solo
Saxophone Trio – Kyle Fehr ’20, Shibashis Mandal ’20, Chris Shannon ‘19