Middle School Ice Hockey Team Wins Championship

Congratulations to the MICDS Middle School Spring Hockey team on winning the PSHP (Prep Spring Hockey Program) championship game with a 3-1 victory over Priory on May 14.

The team, comprised of 23 6th, 7th and 8th graders, went undefeated during the season.

Head Coach Charlie Mohr reflected on the team’s stellar season. “We had a very talented group of players this year. The team was led by a core group of 8th graders, who not only carried the team in scoring, but also served as teachers to the younger kids to develop their skills,” he said, noting that the core consisted of: Jacob Lefton, Ross Danforth, Nick Mellanby, Jonas Hart, Samer Haji, Spencer Giacin, Matt Cowley, Finn Polk, and McKade Webster. He continued, “The team compiled an outstanding 82 goals for and 8 goals against. We had very impressive performances between the pipes as 7th graders Jack Williams and Garrett Christian only allowed 8 goals the duration of the league. I am very proud of the effort put forth by our middle school hockey team. They are a group of hard working and eager individuals. There is a bright future for the MICDS hockey program and we are excited to see these players compete at the high school level.”

Middle School Hockey Team Roster

  1. Jack Williams – Goalie
  2. Charlie Ross
  3. Jonas Hart
  4. Ross Danforth
  5. Spencer Giacin
  6. J.T. Williamson
  7. Hugo Engelhardt
  8. William Giles
  9. Matt Cowley
  10. Ben Weiss
  11. Samer Haji
  12. Jacob Lefton
  13. Carter Ellis
  14. Evan Singer
  15. Nick Niemann
  16. Adam Schucart
  17. Nick Mellanby
  18. Jack Pronger
  19. Tripp Gatch
  20. Finn Polk
  21. Joe Condie
  22. McKade Webster
  23. Garrett Christian – Goalie