Middle School P.E. Students Work Their Core on Boga Fit Mats in the Pool

The Physical Education program at MICDS continues to innovate as teachers provide new learning experiences in the students’ favorite learning environment – the William R. Orthwein Sr. Pool in the Steward Family Aquatic Center.

Recently, sixth grade girls engaged in an aquatic exercise learning unit in their P.E. curriculum, and they tested out a new piece of pool equipment – Boga Fit Mats. The students worked on core strength training and balance exercises on the large floating aquatic fitness boards. For example, students completed burpees, body shakes and hot-footed lizard exercises while balancing on the boards.

Khannie Dastgah, Director of Aquatics Programs and Facilities, developed the unit with Middle School P.E. teachers. She says that the Boga Fit Mats have been well-received. When they assess students about what they liked or didn’t like about this learning unit, students report that their favorite part of the class has been the Boga Fit Mats. Ms. Dastgah hopes to expand the curriculum in the future. “Eventually, we would like to offer water yoga and stability exercises, and we hope to include this unit in other grades and P.E. curriculums in the future. We may even incorporate other pool equipment in the unit, such as tubing or water logs, but for now we are testing the Boga Fit Mats. The students seem to enjoy the experience, and they are learning through the challenge.”