Music & Art ‘Wow’ Families as the Beasley Lower School Celebrates Fine Arts Night

Two events culminated in one magical evening in the Lower School this spring. What were traditionally Art Gallery Night and Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day transformed into a combined celebration of visual and performing arts—Fine Arts Night. April 21, 2022, marked what could be the inaugural event showcasing the visual and performing talents of Beasley students. Families were welcomed to campus with familiar sights and sounds. Art created under the guidance of Sarah Garner, Lower School Visual Arts Teacher, lined the halls. Guests were filled with joy watching students describe how they created each art piece, adding their imagination to each detail. The beautiful sound of children’s voices echoed throughout Mary Eliot Chapel as students celebrated spring in each song they sang.

Under the direction of Dr. Katy Nichols, Lower School Music Teacher, lovely unison and two-part harmonies were heard throughout the show as students sang out with energy and enthusiasm. Students showcased their instrumental skills and dancers demonstrated captivating choreography with scarves, streamers, umbrellas, and fans. The chapel was filled with the sounds and feelings of a magnificent thunderstorm through body percussion performed by the students (and the audience) on barred and non-pitched percussion instruments. Spring was dramatized via memorized speaking parts and actions created by the children. A hint of the arrival of summer occurred at the end of the show with students singing about and imitating the appearance of fireflies with finger light choreography. 

Another highlight of the evening invited guests and students to become a part of the art and take their photographs with student-created art and hanging three-dimensional cubes. Families were filled with excitement to see what the student artists had created out of clay and the 3-D display highlighted the skills students have been building upon year after year. 

Thanks to our families, faculty, and staff, Fine Arts Night was an evening that will create memories for years to come and hopefully inspire us all to create, imagine, perform, sing, and find a deep love for the arts.  

Way to Go, Rams!